Thursday, February 16, 2012

It is Valentine's Day

     Let me just start by saying that in my opinion as the mom of twins (who share a room) the greatest baby-proofing device ever created is this little pressure mounted thing that prevents kids from being able to open a door.  It truly is wonderful.  You mount it at the top of, say, a bedroom door, and voila little midgets can only open the door a few inches and cannot close it back on their fingers.  GENIUS!!

     Yes I have been locking my kids in their bedroom since they began sleeping in toddler beds.  Judge me if you want, but these guys were in beds at 18 months old.  I for one was not interested in having 2 little Tasmanian devils tornado-ing though my home while the rest of us were sleeping.  Well, those cute little doorknob covers were just that, cute.  My munchkins figured out how to pry those off within 2 days. 

     But this is not my point to this post.  Alexander (my big boy), has recently figured out that he can stand on his headboard to open the door latch.  Sad times for me let me tell you.  Any given morning prior to this new skill.  Alex and Preston would wake up and start yelling to me that they were awake.  I would then begin to will myself out of bed. Get dressed and start my day with them.  This 10 minutes or so before un-caging the animals was very necessary to my sanity.  Believe me!

     Today was just so cute though that I have to share.  This morning I awoke to Alex standing beside my bed, gently shaking me, saying " have to wake up"  Then Preston comes a long and joins in the chorus.  Both of them, " have to wake up mom, it's not nap time anymore!  It's Valentine's Day, wake up Mom."  Yes that's right, Valentine's Day.  Alex for some reason has been convinced all day that today is V-day!  So now I am awake and at that stage where I am attempting to will myself out of bed before they destroy the house.  Alex brings me 3 of his toys from the bathroom.  "Here mom.  Happy Valentine's Day!"  Isn't he so sweet!  I don't know what made him think this was today or what he was thinking when it actually was Valentine's Day, but there you go, a gift from my sweet little valentine.

     Fast forward to this afternoon.  My daughter gets home from school and I am bandaging a scrape on her leg.  My husband comes home and tells me to close my eyes. So here I am with Neosporin on my fingers and my husband is waving something in my face (eyes are closed) asking me what it smells like.  Well, it didn't smell like roses that was for sure.  Finally he lets me open my eyes to a take-home box of my favorite style Buffalo Wild Wings!  Yummy.  I really was surprised.  Here he was home early, with take-out just for me, from BWW's.  Must have been a peace offering for going to have a couple with his buddies and not telling me (just kidding, honey).  And here comes Alex......"See it is Valentine's Day, right Dad!  Happy Valentine's Day!!"  This kid just cracks me up!  I love my guys!

I really do need to turn the bedroom doorknobs so that the lock is on the outside.  Where's my screwdriver.......

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