Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mulberry Paper Votives/Vases

     The other day I was standing in a friend's kitchen waiting to go somewhere, and his roommate has these lovely glass hurricane jars that I've admired every time I see them.  So on this occasion since I was waiting a while I decided to give them a little closer look, and came to the conclusion that I could totally make my own!  Hers had Hobby Lobby tags on the bottom and while I realize it would have been much easier to just go buy me some, what I ultimately did has made them much more personal for me then a few glass vases from the store.
     I have been holding on to some left over mulberry paper and pressed flower that I used when I made my wedding invitations 5 years ago.  Holding on to them, because I can never bring myself to throw anything away, and because I've just been waiting for the perfect idea to let me incorporate this little memento into my decor somehow.  Well here it was!

All you need to make your own is:
handmade paper (again I had mulberry paper)
Mod Podge
A sponge applicator
Glass vases/votive holders

     I already had everything on hand to make these with the exception of the glass votive holders, which I picked up from my local Dollar Tree for a grand total of $3!  Total cost a tiny fraction of what they sell for at Hobby Lobby!!

     As far as instructions go the whole process is very simple.  I tore my paper into smaller pieces so the edges would be rough.  Leaving one straight side to line up with the top and bottom of each vase.  I applied the Mod Podge to the glass and then laid the paper over the glue.  After covering the entire vase I then coated the whole thing with another layer of Mod Podge.  Let this dry overnight and then repeated the whole process to give 2 full layers of paper over the jars.

Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Fascinator

     It's taken me a little while with the holidays to get this one posted.  My lia sophia managers planned a wonderful vintage themed Christmas Party for us at an adorable little restaurant nearby.  We were all asked to wear some type of head piece.  Fancy hats, headbands, fascinators, etc.  We could buy or make them, and of course I chose to make mine.  It turned out to be a pretty easy project.  I did a little research first through Google images so that I could get a pretty clear idea of what I liked, then I head out to Hobby Lobby to pick up whatever materials I thought would look pretty and match my dress.