Friday, January 13, 2012

Demolition Therapy!

Just an example
    I am so excited about my current project that I couldn't wait to share just a little bit!  So, I've decided to write a "teaser" blog about it.

     My home has a nice open floor plan and lots of closets, but I've always wished I had a mudroom with those cute built in hooks, cubbies and bench for your family to place their coats, shoes, backpacks, etc.  I've shopped around for a hall tree, but it just isn't the same.  So I did a little reorganizing and decided to open up the closet facing my garage.

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Handy Hubby!

Kids' Low Rider Bookcase - $349
     Winter has a way of bringing to mind lots of things to do around your home to make it more functional.  At my house this usually means more work for my wonderful husband!  I really am lucky that he puts up with me and actually does the things I ask!  So while we are working on the next few updates to our home that we have planned I wanted to show some of the things he's done in that past that (in my opinion) look great and saved us a bunch of money too!  Starting with a Land of Nod inspired bookcase:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weekly Calendar Wall Art

     Happy New Year!  Here we are starting 2012 and making all sorts of resolutions; to be healthier, to declutter, and to be more organized to name a few.  So for me I've started with a cute new weekly dry-erase calendar for my wall!  I wish I could take credit for this awesome idea, but I can't.  I found this adorable project on Pinterest.  My new favorite place to visit.  In fact it's more like an addiction.

     I use my phone and a yearly day planner to keep track of my calendar for the most part, but this idea is really great to give my husband a heads up for what is going on during the week.  Plus I love that I can customize it however to match the decor in my house.  Here is the original from Pinterest.

Original pin on Pinterest. Click on pic to go to that page.