Thursday, February 16, 2012

It is Valentine's Day

     Let me just start by saying that in my opinion as the mom of twins (who share a room) the greatest baby-proofing device ever created is this little pressure mounted thing that prevents kids from being able to open a door.  It truly is wonderful.  You mount it at the top of, say, a bedroom door, and voila little midgets can only open the door a few inches and cannot close it back on their fingers.  GENIUS!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

52 Reasons.....

Happy Valentine's Day!  

     I've always loved this holiday.  Even before I was married.  Maybe it is a Hallmark Holiday, but ever since I was little I've always loved that there's a day to celebrate love! This year we will also have been married for 5 years.  So I wanted to do something special for this Valentine's day.

     For a gift I made my husband a deck of cards, 52 reasons why I love him!  It wasn't exactly easy.  I didn't just sit down and come up with all of these in 20 minutes.  So don't feel bad if you try this someday and can't either.  Each card has a reason and best of all he will even be able to actually use them if he wants to.  A lot of people don't know this, but he's actually a pretty sentimental guy.  Anyway, I had seen a few craft projects using a regular deck of cards and scrapbook paper, like these.  They would be really wonderful gifts, but seemed more like something I (or any woman) would like, but not for a practical guy like my husband.

     I can't help but want to shout from the rooftops why I love this man so much!  So here are the reasons:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mudroom Update

I'm sorry to disappoint, so I'll just put the bad news out there first.  My mudroom is not finished yet.  It is getting close though.  So I just wanted to give everyone a little glimpse as to what it looks like now that the walls are all finished.  My next post will be the big reveal, and I promise it won't be too long!!

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