Tuesday, February 14, 2012

52 Reasons.....

Happy Valentine's Day!  

     I've always loved this holiday.  Even before I was married.  Maybe it is a Hallmark Holiday, but ever since I was little I've always loved that there's a day to celebrate love! This year we will also have been married for 5 years.  So I wanted to do something special for this Valentine's day.

     For a gift I made my husband a deck of cards, 52 reasons why I love him!  It wasn't exactly easy.  I didn't just sit down and come up with all of these in 20 minutes.  So don't feel bad if you try this someday and can't either.  Each card has a reason and best of all he will even be able to actually use them if he wants to.  A lot of people don't know this, but he's actually a pretty sentimental guy.  Anyway, I had seen a few craft projects using a regular deck of cards and scrapbook paper, like these.  They would be really wonderful gifts, but seemed more like something I (or any woman) would like, but not for a practical guy like my husband.

     I can't help but want to shout from the rooftops why I love this man so much!  So here are the reasons:

  1.  He looks amazing in a pair of jeans. No explanation necessary.

  2.  His smile still gives me butterflies.

  3.  He's the one person I know I can always trust.  And gave me a lot of understanding when I was learning how.

  4.  He always brightens up my bad days.

  5.  He supports me in everything. Even when I want to rip out walls!

  6.  He's very handy! 

  7.  He's a great personal heater.  This is very important since I am always freezing!

  8.  He's the best dad!

  9.  He has sexy shoulders.

10.  His integrity.

11.  He is hard-working.

12.  He's very thoughtful.

13.  We always agree on the big things.

14.  He isn't at all macho.

15.  He's a pretty good cook.

16.  He's never been the jealous type.

17.  He talks to much when he drinks!  I give him a hard time about this, but secretly always loved how much my normally extremely quiet guy transforms after a couple beers.

18.  We have so much fun when it's just us.

19.  He's really good at building things.   I show him a picture and he makes it happen.

20.  He'll hold a hair dryer under the covers at 4am, just to warm me up!  See #7.

21.  He always fights fair.  No bringing up the past, etc.

22.  He doesn't hold a grudge.

23.  He is talented

24.  He is smart.

25.  He always helps me with my "projects".  Even when he swears up and down before I start that he isn't doing any of it.  And I never have to ask.  This was especially awesome when it came to digging out my pond. 3 times.

26.  He doesn't care that I don't always look my best.

27.  He thinks of us as equals.  No step-ford wife mentality here.

28.  He'll get out of bed just to go downstairs and get me a glass of water when I forget.

29.  When money isn't an issue, he'll surprise me with things I'm lusting after.  Even though he thinks I already have more then enough shoes/clothes/etc.

30.  He always lets me sleep when the kids wake up early or in the middle of the night.

31.  He likes to cuddle, and has trouble sleeping when I'm not home.

32.  I always thought he looked sexy in all his hockey gear.  This one will really be a surprise to him, but it's true!

33.  He didn't complain at all when I painted the kitchen red.  He hates red.

34.  He will always be my "Superstar".  Inside thing.

35.  He has always kept our private life private.  Even in the beginning.  Even in the locker room.

36.  He watches girly TV drama with me like Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives (remember The O.C, honey).

37.  He never tells anyone when I cry watching the above mentioned girly TV shows.  Shhhhh.....

38.  Sometimes he brings me breakfast in bed for no reason at all.

39.  He never complains about going to my parents, and we go a lot!  In fact, he loves my parents!

40.  He settled down 1800 miles away from home to be with me.

41.  He thinks flowers are a big waste of money, but sends them to me anyway, just because I love them.  And he remembers that lilies are my favorite.

42.  He's always loved my daughter just as much as our twins.

43.  Even if he's angry, he never says or does things to hurt me.

44.  The view from behind!! All that hockey definitely paid off!

45.  He mastered my dad's omelets!

46.  He's a lot like my dad.  Which I love because I will always be a daddy's girl.

47.  He's a corny romantic.  Not in that weird "you need a counselor" kind of way.

48.  He doesn't like infants, AT ALL!  But, was amazing when ours were that small!  Diapers, feeding, up-all-night, reflux, snuggling....AMAZING!

49.  He always does the grocery shopping....and the cooking....and the dishes.  Need I say more?

50.  He's a great kisser!

51.  He is a christian.

52.  We are both 100% committed to each other until "death do us part" 

     So, want to know about the cards?  I ordered a kit that came with blank cards, a case, and coating spray, and purchased their software.  I was able to design and print them myself.  Check it out here if you want to make them too.

     My overall opinion?  They're okay.  The coating that was supposed to make the cards smooth really only worked on the side with very little printing.  A few cards were smooth on the photo side but not many and very random.  So I have no idea if something I did caused the spray to dry grainy.  It wasn't like it was specific sheets or anything.  But I can see how this could be frustrating when dealing the cards, since they feel a little grainy and don't really slide apart.  Also the software was a little tricky.  It was just a hair off center on the number-side of the cards.  I could live with it.  But the backs were way off and there was nothing I could do to get it to print properly.  I called the company and they were helpful, and if I had more patience maybe they could have resolved it completely.  But it started to become a little bit of phone tag.  Alas, patience isn't one of my virtues, so I simply used Photoshop to redesign the back template and printed the backs through there.  So I guess the $17 I spent on the software part of the gift was unnecessary, since PSE worked just fine.

All in all though, I still think it's a wonderful gift.  I never really expected Dave to pull these out when he's playing cards with the guys anyway.

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