Friday, January 6, 2012

My Handy Hubby!

Kids' Low Rider Bookcase - $349
     Winter has a way of bringing to mind lots of things to do around your home to make it more functional.  At my house this usually means more work for my wonderful husband!  I really am lucky that he puts up with me and actually does the things I ask!  So while we are working on the next few updates to our home that we have planned I wanted to show some of the things he's done in that past that (in my opinion) look great and saved us a bunch of money too!  Starting with a Land of Nod inspired bookcase:

     When our boys started flinging themselves over their crib rails we new it was time to update their room.  I was getting tired of them jumping out of the crib and then emptying the contents of their dresser all over the place.  So with their new Dr. Seuss bedroom, we got rid of the dresser, moved all of their clothes to the [locked] closet and built them a bookcase to store and organize some of their toys.  I loved this one from Land of Nod.  But my husband and I didn't want anything to do with that price tag, and wanted something to fit our own dimensions.  So, we designed/made our own for less then half of the cost of theirs, and bigger too!  The original Low Rider was designed to fit below a window if necessary.  So you can tell ours is quite a bit taller then that.
Ours for less then $150

Main tools needed for this project:
  • Drill
  • Hand Sander
  • Circular Saw
  • Kreg Jig
     If you would like details for how to build this please feel free to email me and I will have DH put some plans together for you.

Now I can't tell you about the twins' Big Boy Room and not at least show a few pics of that too!  So here they are, and I'm happy to say they still love it a year later!

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