Friday, January 13, 2012

Demolition Therapy!

Just an example
    I am so excited about my current project that I couldn't wait to share just a little bit!  So, I've decided to write a "teaser" blog about it.

     My home has a nice open floor plan and lots of closets, but I've always wished I had a mudroom with those cute built in hooks, cubbies and bench for your family to place their coats, shoes, backpacks, etc.  I've shopped around for a hall tree, but it just isn't the same.  So I did a little reorganizing and decided to open up the closet facing my garage.

So fast forward and I have the entire wall torn out that used to be the front of my closet, my next step is replacing drywall.  I can't even begin to describe how fun this has been so far!  I would have never guessed it but tearing out a wall is quite exhilarating!  It's right up there with retail therapy or going to a shooting range!

I'm hoping to have this project totally completed or at least have the walls finished before my open house on the 27th!  So stay tuned to see the results!!  If you haven't done so already be sure to follow me with your email.  After you verify your email then you will get my newest blog posts straight to your inbox!!

      If you are like me and have never done anything like this yourself, I'll give you a quick little checklist of how I've gotten to this point.
  • Remove all the trim and door casing if any.  Just pry it off, carefully.
  • Use a hammer to make the first hole in your drywall.  Then using a flashlight check to be sure that there isn't any pipes or wires in the way.  Safety First!

  • Next I used a sawzall to cut away the drywall that I wanted to remove.
Once we had all the drywall cut away and could see the 2x4 framing of the wall, we got a little concerned that we had misjudged this wall and that it may in fact be a load-bearing wall. So I contacted the builder and asked them to verify.  After they got back to me confirming that it was NOT a load-bearing wall.  I was then able to proceed

**IMPORTANT**  Do not attempt to remove a load-bearing wall unless you have the experience to do so.  It can be done, but needs to be left to the professional.  The structural integrity of your home depends on it.

  • Next I swapped the blade on the sawzall and proceeded to cut the nails in the 2x4's.  This was much easier then attempting to pry all of them out.  There were only a couple left that I couldn't get the saw blade close enough to.
  • So, last but not least, utilize hubby's brutal strength to rip out the remaining boards!
Can't forget to give credit to my assistant!

So there it is.....Stay tuned to see how the finished result turns out! 

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