Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jewelry Travel Display Case

     I've been very busy the last month trying to finish up various projects around the house.  Unfortunately my mudroom is not quite complete yet. We haven't abandoned this project, it's very close to being completed, but with our warm weather Dave and I have been busy building our water garden.
     For today, I want to share with you an easy jewelry case/display project.  We were asked by our managers to make something we could use to display jewelry at our parties.  I wanted something that I knew I would use and not just for parties.  The main trays I used in making this project I already had around the house, but anyone could easily get them for just a couple of dollars online.  This case will make an adorable way for you to display your favorite pieces of jewelry on your dressing table or vanity, and make it very easy to just close it up and be ready to go.  No more tangled jewelry in those little travel bags and rolls. Plus, it's completely custom so you can plan it to match your decor, use your favorite colors, etc. 
     Jewelry cases like these are available to buy usually for a couple hundred dollars.  They are normally much bigger then what I have made here and are more designed for the jewelry salesperson.  They are not convenient for the average person to travel with, although are wonderful for someone like me who has a lot of jewelry to take to a lot of places.  You could easily make this smaller version for $30 - $40, perhaps less depending on your choice of materials.

Here is a rough list of the materials you will need:
  • 2 - 1" Jewelry Trays
  • 1 Piano Hinge
  • Small hook screws
  • Fabric of choice (1 yard will be more then enough)
  • Adhesive of choice (spray and double sided tape)
  • Sturdy foam, batting, or you could even use bulletin board
  • Cordless drill (optional, but worth it)

     You will want to cut your foam material to fit nicely inside each your jewelry trays, 1 piece each.  Then cut a third piece to save for later.
     Next, cut your fabric to fit each piece of foam with enough material on the sides to overlap onto the back.  Using your spray adhesive, coat the front of your foam and then smooth your fabric over the adhesive.  Be sure to smooth your fabric out nicely to remove wrinkles and bumps and make sure there isn't any slack left in the material.  Stretchy materials will be harder to work with.  Turn your foam over and using the adhesive again on the back, wrap the fabric around and secure all 4 sides. 

      Set the covered pads aside.  Align your trays together so that the inside of the trays are facing each other, like a box.  Center your piano hinge and mark on just one tray the first screw hole.  Using a smaller bit then your screws, make a hole where you marked and then screw the first screw to attach the end of the hinge to your tray.  Follow the same steps to secure the last screw in place on the same tray.  With both ends secure you can now easily drill and screw the rest of the hinge in place without needing to worry if your holes will line up.   Follow all of these steps again on the other tray for the other side of the hinge.  The screws will go through to the inside of the trays, but don't worry your foam will cover them later.

     You can plan the inside of your trays in any way that works for you and your jewelry needs.  I am a big earring person, so one whole side of my case is for earrings.  Using the double sided (non-permanent) tape I attached my covered foam into the tray.  Now I can easily hang my earrings through the foam.  You could use your spray adhesive here as well, but I wanted the flexibility to be able to change things if I ever want to.  Using double sided tape gives you the ability to later remove the foam.
     Using my drill again to pre-drill the holes, I made 5 small holes along the top edge of my case.  I then screwed my hooks in place to hang necklaces from. You could also use these hooks for bracelets.  After positioning my hooks, I then attached my other piece of foam to this tray, again using double sided tape.

     Your last piece of foam you will just want to save as a protective insert when you use your case for traveling.  Place it between each trays as you close them and it will keep all of your jewelry in place and from tangling!

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