Sunday, December 4, 2011

Heirloom Holiday Ornaments

My tree and centerpiece.
     Ask anyone, and they will tell you, I love Christmas!  I love baking and sharing cookies, I love giving gifts, I love celebrating Jesus, and I love decorating!!  I'm sure if I had a limitless budget then my house would look like some sort of shrine to Christmas, beginning the day after Thanksgiving.  So my next couple of posts will of course be about some of the crafty little things that are part of my decor, maybe you'll have some time to incorporate them into yours if you want.

Handmade Ornaments:
      My grandmother makes these ornaments.  I've often thought of making some myself, eventually I may do a themed tree with these.  But with little ones taking up my time, I'm happy to fill my tree with the beautiful ones Grandma makes.  The materials are limited only by your imagination.  But here is a simple list:

  • Glue gun and glue.  I recommend using low temp so you don't burn yourself working with tiny pieces.
  • Styrofoam balls (or other shapes if you like)
  • Lace or lace appliques
  • Satin ribbon (your choices of colors)
  • Beads and pearls used for jewelry (with a hole through them) in assorted sizes and shapes
  • Silver stick pins and/or the kind with little pearl heads
  • Thin Fabric
  • Cording (like used on curtains)

This is just a simple list as you can tell from the pictures.  The process is very simple.  Start with fabric or lace and cover the ball using a small amount of glue.  Then you can add on the cording, or lace appliques, again using the glue gun.  All of the little pearls and beads are then threaded onto the stick pins, and pushed through the ball.  Be sure to use a little glue on the pins, so that they are permanent.  Tie bows and ribbons to dangle from your ornaments, and to create the loop to hang with.  Use large pearls and beads to finish the ends.

     Again, you are only limited by your imagination! Add them to your tree, or even throw them in a bowl for a unique way to display your beautiful heirloom ornaments.

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